Shutting down

I wanted to let everyone know that I’m shutting down this blog in it’s current form. I have ended my relationship with Javafit at this time.
Thanks to all who have stopped by to support this blog.
Greg Proud

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Have You Looked At Javafit Lately?

If you haven’t taken a look at Javafit lately, I urge you to do so now. From the new unilevel compensation plan to the new focus of a more coffee club experience. After all, Javafit is about COFFEE. So the focus should be on sharing that coffee with others and developing that relationship. Coffee is one product that we all love to share with others, to meet with friends or co-workers and share a cup of coffee. Coffee is a Simple Pleasure, Deeply Felt.
For those looking to build a business the new compensation plan is as simple as it can get. Sell coffee, make money. Thats it! As a coffee broker you make 10% commission on all autoship and personal orders.Thats right you get paid when you order coffee yourself! You receive Fast Cash bonuses of either $30.00, $100.00 or $150.00 depending on what business plan your new affiliate signs up for. Everyone you sign up is on one level. When they sign some one up they appear on your second level and so on down 7 levels.
As a coffee broker you can sign up non-profits, the Javafit non-profit program is an excellent way for them to earn money year round selling Javafit coffee to their members and supporters. You can sell Javafit coffee to commercial businesses also. Organize coffee parties. It’s up to you as to how big you want your business. So check out Javafit and contact me with any questions or to request a free pack of our gourmet functional coffee.
Check out the Javafit Webinar at or to sign up or find out more info go to

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Featured Blend of the Week

This week I’m featuring our Regular Original Roast Blend. Whether you’re at home or at work, brew our delicious ground coffee for a fresh start to your day. Javafit’s regular original roast is the perfect blend of mellow and smooth, with just the right full-bodied depth to make this an aromatic and enjoyable experience. So enjoy an inviting wake up call with this delicious gourmet coffee blend. Made with premium quality beans and selected for a full-bodied, yet smooth flavor, this is one coffee blend you’ll enjoy waking up to.
To order this or any of our blends, go to

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The New Javafit Webinar

This webinar paints an excellent picture of the Javafit opportunity. If you’re trying to decide what business opportunity is right for you. I urge you to watch this webinar. Get with me with any questions you might have afterwards.
To view go to

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Start Your Own Coffee Club

Are you looking for a way to earn some additional income to help boost your current income? If so how about starting up your own coffee club, do all your friends and neighbors love a good cup of coffee? Do you like to get together with your friends to share a cup of coffee? If you answered yes to these questions, then a Javafit coffee business may just be what you’re looking for.
Javafit is a “Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffee Roaster,” that has combined their premium 100% Arabica coffee with vitamins, minerals and supplements to create great tasting. Functional coffee blends that offer everyone a healthier cup of coffee.
Getting set up and started in your own Javafit business is a snap. Choose from three different price points to get yourself started. The compensation plan is simple and direct. Sell Coffee, Make Money. It’s that SIMPLE! See how you can get paid to drink coffee!
Javafit offers 8 different blends for people to choose from.Our blends will help you lose weight, boost your energy, build up your immune system, boost your focus, impact your overall wellness, to the company’s original roast blend . With Javafit, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle.
So contact me to get your free sample pack to taste just how good these Javafit blends are. Once you do I think you’ll see starting your own Javafit Coffee Club makes perfect sense.
To view all the blends, go to Hit the contact me button to let me know, which blend is right for you and include your mailing address. I’ll then be sure to mail off your sample pack.
Greg Proud

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Javafit announces major change to compensation plan. They are switching from the current Binary plan to a Unilevel compensation plan. This is the SIMPLEST COMPENSATION PLAN in the entire industry. Sell coffee, make money. It’s that simple Team members earn 10% commission from their autoship orders and personal orders.
To see the new compensation plan go to and then contact me to get enrolled and start making money drinking coffee!

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Take advantage of the October Fast Start Bonus promotion that Javafit has going on. The Fast Start Bonuses are as listed:
Executives: $300.00 bonus per enrollment

Managers: $200.00 bonus per enrollment

Business Builders: $50.00 bonus per enrollment

Preferred Customers: $10.00 bonus per enrollment ( only applies to $20.00 enrollment option)

Binary: Regular Binary Purchase volume will apply to all enrollments

So if you’ve been thinking about starting your own Javafit business, this is the time. These fast start bonuses will not be staying this high for long. So join now and get working.

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